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Member Comment Form

Rules, Regulations and Procedures for Charter Clubs of Sun City West

RRP Contents
RR&Ps – Rev. Oct 2021



CR-1 Application for Charter
CR-2 Membership Roster
CR-3 Sample of Club Bylaws
CR-4 Monthly Participation Report
CR-5 New Club Officers and Rules, Regulations and Procedures for Chartered Club Affirmation Report
CR-5a Passing the TORCH
CR-6 Club Activity Calendar
CR-7 Annual Financial Statement
CR-8 Independent Contractor Agreement
CR-8a Independent Contractor Members’ Agreement
CR-10 Request to Purchase Equipment
CR-11 Special Event or Tournament Request with Nonresidents
CR-12 Request for Repair to Existing Facilities
CR-13 Request for Interior Remodeling of Existing Club Quarters
CR-13a Request for Remodeling Projects Over $5,000
CR-14 Facility Reservation Request
CR-14a Facility Reservation Club Reciprocal Event(s)
CR-15 Annual Membership Form
CR-16 Chartered Clubs Disciplinary Actions
CR-16a Governing Board Hearing
Form RC 20-5 Accident/Incident/Injury Report

Waiver of Liability